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A reawakening of free speech in Egypt?

In the wake of the January 2011 Egyptian revolution, harmonies of free speech and reform echoed through the crowds of Tahrir Square and were heard around the world.

One Egyptian lyricist, Hany Adel, voiced the revolutionary weapons of dreams and words in his song, Sout Al Horeya ‘the sound of freedom,’ which quickly gained popularity across the internet and social media networks. Continue reading ‘A reawakening of free speech in Egypt?’


Libyan Attacks on Freedom of Expression – the Root of the Unrest

“All my people love me. They would die to protect me,” said Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi earlier this month.  This, however, contrasts starkly with the reality of the situation in Libya, leading to the US ambassador to the UN to declare the leader “delusional.”  Nearly two weeks earlier, anti-government protests broke out in Libya following the resignation of former Egyptian leader, Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.  The government responded with military action, leaving more than 100 dead in the first four days of protests.  The UN security council responded by calling for an end to the violence.  This, however, was nearly three weeks ago, yet the crisis in Libya remains. Continue reading ‘Libyan Attacks on Freedom of Expression – the Root of the Unrest’

The King’s Speech: Bahrain’s reaction to the events unfolding around the world

What is happening across Africa and the Middle East truly is history in the making. No-one knows this better, one contends, than those still clinging to power in nearby States. Once a seemingly untouchable elite, the rulers of these lands are now very much aware of their own humanity.

In February, in the centre of Manama, when Bahrain saw its first example of a political uprising since the events engulfing Egypt, King Hamad ibn_Isa_Al_Khalifa reacted by releasing some 23 political activists being held. This isolated action, however, is not enough to secure the Monarch’s security. Continue reading ‘The King’s Speech: Bahrain’s reaction to the events unfolding around the world’

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